Rod Stark(non-registered)
Hi Carolyn it was nice to meet you today in Oatman. Safe travels.
Donna Rulien(non-registered)
Hi Carolyn - I met your sister Vicki up in Alaska a million years ago and have kept in touch via FB. She told me to check out your photos - and they are amazing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful perspective!!
Lovely page, Carry on the excellent job. Appreciate it! shelby
Kari Todd(non-registered)
Beautiful web site! I love the new calendar, it is gorgeous! Keep on Shootin for fun my friend!
Katlin Lawless(non-registered)
Beautiful photos, all of them. I am just a beginner hobbyist. I have much to learn. Your photos are wonderful.
Coeann Church
Great Photos my Friend. Love them. Now, what do I order.
Cindy Sherwin(non-registered)
Hi Carolyn - remember me from Croptoberfest? Just checking out your website, it's awesome! Your photos are all so beautiful, you do such great work!
Daphne Ryan(non-registered)
Carolyn Cummins-Shootin' For Fun
Thank you Cynthia! Love the kind words and love that the beauty of what I have captured has touched someone else.
Cynthia Rhea(non-registered)
What a delight! You take some awesome pictures! As I went through a series of shots I would add the one that touched me the most to my favorites. I bet next time I will choose some different shots, there are so many that reach out and grab you!
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