Flowers - I love to capture the beauty and intricate detail of God's amazing creation!Trees - I love the rugged beauty and diversity of trees!  The colors in different seasons, the roots, their strength and the shade they offer from the heat!Birds - I never considered my self a bird photographer.  But it is taking flight!  Eagles, herons, hummingbirds, flickers, owls, you name it, I love the art of trying to capture them!Deer - They had to have a gallery of their own because these are all taken in my yard!Whales - Whale watching is my favorite thing to do in Maui!  This breach was a lifetime experience!Zoo Animals - Portland Zoo, Olympic Game Farm, Bearizona, Wildlife sanctuaries.....I love capturing the beauty of the animals!  Some have quite the personalities!Animals - every specie of wildlife is fun to capture!Arizona Wildlife - Now that I live in Arizona and am excited to capture Arizona's own wildlife, I had to give them a gallery of their own!