My name is Carolyn Cummins and I have a passion for photography!

I like to think I am in chapter 4 of my photography journey.  The first chapter began when I was a teenager growing up in Idaho.  I got my first camera when I was 16 years old.  I had plenty of fun experiences as a teen to capture.  The second chapter was when I lived in Alaska for nine years.  That's where I met my husband, and we had two kids.  So, again, I had plenty of fun to capture, with my point and shoot film cameras!  My third chapter began when we moved to Washington state.  We spent 34 years there and I enjoyed photographing all of the fun times we had as a family and the events the kids participated in and, of course, the amazing Pacific Northwest beauty!   I got my first DSLR camera in 2007.  Wow!  What an eye-opening experience that was!  The kids are grown, married and have kids of their own, so we began to RV travel to see the USA and visit our kids.  

Chapter 4 is just beginning.  We recently moved to Arizona!  And I am so excited to explore Arizona, our 50 states, and capture the beauty.    

My photography is focused (pun intended!) on landscape, nature and wildlife. I love being outdoors and photographing everything that catches my eye. God's amazing creation that surrounds us truly brings me joy!

I view my website as a type of journal of our travels.  Each state we visit has its own gallery, as well as Nature and Wildlife galleries.  I hope you'll enjoy what you see. Please send me a message and share any thoughts you may have, including how you feel my website is laid out.  I want it easy to peruse through and enjoy. 

All of my images can be purchased through my website.  Prints, canvas prints, and metal prints are available for purchase.

I can answer any questions, please email me at [email protected].




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Rod Stark(non-registered)
Hi Carolyn it was nice to meet you today in Oatman. Safe travels.
Donna Rulien(non-registered)
Hi Carolyn - I met your sister Vicki up in Alaska a million years ago and have kept in touch via FB. She told me to check out your photos - and they are amazing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful perspective!!
Lovely page, Carry on the excellent job. Appreciate it! shelby
Kari Todd(non-registered)
Beautiful web site! I love the new calendar, it is gorgeous! Keep on Shootin for fun my friend!
Katlin Lawless(non-registered)
Beautiful photos, all of them. I am just a beginner hobbyist. I have much to learn. Your photos are wonderful.
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