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I love color, but sometimes black and white has a way of soothing and calming. Enjoy!
Maui March 2023-0310Taylor Dock June 2022-2818Taylor Dock June 2022-2814Carlsbad Flower Fields 2022-0483Bead of water on grass June 2022-9121Semiahmoo January 2021-3747View from top of Deer Park Rd Oct 2020-0699Table Mountain May 2020-4054Table Mountain May 2020-4053Table Mountain May 2020-4032Sunrise at Zuanich Park April 2020-2467Boulevard Park April 2020-1988Whatcom County Sunrise B&W Feb 2020-0616Whatcom County Sunrise B&W Feb 2020-0603Abbotsford Air Show Aug 2019-5153Nampa ID Barn Aug 2019-4767LaConner WA April 2019-7902Snow Geese on Fir Island March 2019-7517Eagle on the Nooksack Jan 2019-4840Northern State Ghost Town Jan 2019-4739