Carolyn Cummins-Shootin' For Fun: Blog en-us (C) Carolyn Cummins-Shootin' For Fun (Carolyn Cummins-Shootin' For Fun) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:56:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:56:00 GMT Carolyn Cummins-Shootin' For Fun: Blog 120 80 Set up for selling! Today, I, Shootin’ For Fun, am celebrating 7 years in business!! The last seven years have not been lucrative years as far as a business is concerned, but it has allowed me to learn, grow, follow my passion and gain a wealth of knowledge in photography.  I’ve also developed (pun intended) even more of a love for nature then I had seven years ago.  I've learned that it's an art, I love continuing to grow in!

So……..In celebrating my seven years in business I have decided to sell my photography on my website!!  This is a goal I’ve been working toward for some time and am so excited to get started! 

I’m offering various sizes of prints, canvas prints, metal prints and standouts.  If you would like any information on the differences in these items, please contact me, I’ll be happy to help you!

I will still be fulfilling photo greeting card orders myself!  Make a selection of your favorite photos, share them with me, and I will make your cards.  They make great hostess gifts for holiday parties!


Carolyn Cummins

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Exciting announcement! I am so excited and honored to have the opportunity to display my photography at Umpqua Bank!  Umpqua prides itself in calling it a store rather than a branch.  When you walk in you are greeted by their friendly staff.  Then you can make yourself at home sitting down to read the paper, drinking coffee or surfing the net on the computers they have in their store.  And, now, you can enjoy browsing through a rack of greeting cards, or looking at the canvas and metal prints that are available to purchase.  You don't even have to bank with Umpqua to enjoy these things!  So, stop in to say hi and take a look around.  Chances are you will see an old neighbor you haven't seen in a while!  I did!  It's a great community we live in!




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Drum roll please.................... Hi Everyone!

Introducing....... my NEW website! I think you'll find that it's much easier to view and maneuver around.

One question I would really like feedback on is, would you be more apt to purchase a card or print if you had the option to do so at the time you are on the site, and pay by credit card? It is not currently set up that way but I plan on doing so. At this time you can comment on each photo and request copies that I will gladly print for you.

I have a wide selection of beautiful photo cards, and can make cards from any photo you choose. It's always nice to have cards on hand for thank-you's, birthdays or just to brighten someones day. Help me bring back "snail mail" by bringing a smile to someones face when they open their mail box!

I will be adding photos frequently, so check back often!



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Welcome! Welcome to Shootin' For Fun's new website!  I'm so excited to finally launch my new website.  I hope you'll find it much easier to view my photos.  

I do plan on selling prints from this site as well, but for now, contact me through this website or by email at and I'm happy to print any image for you!

If you'd like to schedule a photo shoot please call me at 360-319-6368.  

Keep smilin'!


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